Chihuahua Mexico
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What is RESTORE?

Re·store - verb \ri-ˈstȯr\

: to give back (someone or something that was lost or taken) : to return (someone or something)


Family Preservation

We believe children belong in families. This program focuses on restoring broken families. In this area of ministry we support families at risk of placing children in orphanages. With 70% of the children in facilities placed there voluntarily, we have asked - Is there a way to help these children stay in their homes, in their communities, and be healthy? In the Restore program we will identify families who have already placed or are at risk of placing their children in institutions. The children’s primary care would remain with their family. We will come along side the parents to offer support. Parenting classes will be provided to educate and support caregivers in how to keep their children in their families, how to provide daily care, hygiene, the importance of education, etc. The Restore staff will meet regularly with family caregivers to discuss their children’s needs and progress, struggles and triumphs, and everything in between.

Through our Restore Community Center we provide community support for the children in a low economic region of Chihuahua, Mexico. The children enrolled in this program will come to the center after school for a nutritious meal, help with homework, counseling, life lessons, special events, etc. It will also be a ‘safe house’ in the event something at home was scary or unsafe.  The center will oversee the children, provide tutoring, bible instruction, and connect community members and resources to meet the needs of the whole child: educational, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.  We are commited to restoring the family and believe whole heartedly that children belong in safe and loving families, NOT instituions.  Restore is working to lower numbers in institional care or orphanages and increase numbers of restored families.

We are asking individuals, businesses, and churches to consider investing in the Restore Community Center.  If you are interested in supporting this financially, you can visit our donation page to set up a monthly commitment or give a one-time gift.  

“No one ever told me I could be a good mom and take care of my children until I met you and you told me - You can do this!”

-A mother of six we have been working with to keep her children with her.